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Limitations of Smartphone Cameras

Limitations of Smartphone Cameras It is a matter of simple common sense, that your smartphone camera won’t be able to give you those “off the edge” attractive and catchy images like a digital camera does. Smartphone cameras might be heading towards or in some case exceeding 20 megapixels now…but they still have their limitations. And […]

Using Smartphones for Photography

Smartphone photography A good photo is a good photo, yes? So who really cares what it’s taken with? these days people take more photos using their smartphones than using a digital camera. And some of these people are able to take some really eye catching and incredible images! There a some basic things that you can […]

How photography is changing over time

Over time, the art, and the science of photography has undergone some drastic changes. What is easy to achieve today, was difficult, or not possible at all only a few years ago, both in the way that images are captured, and what can be done with the image itself. Photography, according to the definition in Wikipedia […]

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