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Time to focus

What do we mean by focus When light reflects from the object you are photographing, it passes into the camera through the lens. This light must be directed onto the image sensor exactly in order for you to achieve a sharp image. This sharpness is achieved by moving the adjustment ring on the lens which directs the […]

Choosing DSLR Shooting modes

Choose the right shooting mode

What are Shooting modes?   If you have read the post on Exposure (link to Improve your digital photography – Exposure) you will be aware of the 3 factors affecting exposure – Aperture, Shutter speed, and ISO. Modern DSLR cameras come with a range of shooting modes, which range from full auto, where the camera decides […]

Become a better photographer

Just because you have all of the expensive, high tech camera gear, it doesn’t mean that you’ll instantly become a better photographer and take outstanding photos. As a friend of mine describes it “all the gear no idea“. Don’t let this be you. To get the best out of your camera, you need to understand what […]

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